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Daily Brief: Muni

Diary Prepa Inches Toward Litigation    By Michelle Kaske Puerto Rico’s bankrupt power utility and bondholders may face off in court...Read More

A punishing selloff in short-term debt is pushing one rate near the ‘magic’ level that ‘frightens’ markets

The yield on the 1-year Treasury note is testing 4%, a level that traders say could spill over into other...Read More

A 4% fed funds rate is on traders’ radar for 2022. But it could take up to two years for hikes to make a big inflation impact.

Financial markets in the U.S. remain hyper-focused on the prospect of a continued climb in interest rates, with traders putting...Read More

Disappointing U.S. data has traders considering possibility of a half-point Fed rate hike in September

In the blink of an eye on Tuesday, the U.S. bond market’s focus shifted back toward fears of an unexpectedly...Read More

Note Sales Get Summer Boost

The short-term municipal bond market is set to see a summer revival as state and local governments grapple with uncertainty...Read More

Munis extend rally with yields falling most out long

Municipals extended their rally Wednesday with triple-A yields falling double-digit basis points following strong secondary trading, while a billion-dollar bond...Read More