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Outlook Dims for Issuance, Returns

Original Source:–_4sz4iimmf9sz8w2fxu/diary-1 Elaine Brennan, Roosevelt & Cross Executive Vice President, Public Finance was cited in a recent Bloomberg Daily...Read More

High-yield sees first outflows since October

Original Source: Municipal benchmark yields were steady to firmer by a basis point 10-years and out Thursday as U.S....Read More

Munis off to rocky start to week, with returns in the red

Original Source: Municipal yields rose again Monday by three to six basis points on elevated selling pressure while short U.S....Read More

Munis outperform big UST sell off post-Powell announcement

Original Source: Municipals were lightly traded and outperformed a large sell-off in U.S. Treasuries while equities were mixed following...Read More

Munis make gains despite FOMC-led UST losses

Original Source: On a day when the Federal Open Market Committee made taper official, equities hit all-time record highs...Read More