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2-year Treasury yield drops by most since February after Powell says officials aren’t considering a jumbosize rate hike

The 2-year Treasury yield, which is most closely tied to the Federal Reserve’s near-term policy path, fell by the most...Read More

Traders and investors may have bitten on a ‘head fake’ from a single soft U.S. inflation number

Two government reports in the past two days are pointing to the highest annual U.S. inflation rates in four decades,...Read More

Munis ignore UST improvements; Washington sells $1.32B of GOs

Municipals were mostly steady Tuesday in mixed trading, once again largely ignoring moves to lower yields in U.S. Treasuries, while...Read More

HYMB, VTEB, MUST: How To Overcome Risks In Municipal Bonds

Roosevelt & Cross Head Trader and EVP, John Farawell, Joined TD Ameritrade Network’s Oliver Renick to discuss the bond markets,...Read More

Munis underperform post CPI-led UST rally

Triple-A muni yields rose two to four basis points while UST yields fell 10 to 12 on bonds seven years...Read More

Crossover Buyers Eye Municipals

Elaine Brennan, Roosevelt & Cross Executive Vice President, Public Finance was cited in a recent Bloomberg Daily Brief on the...Read More