Brooklyn Bridge

New York, N.Y.

New York
55 Broadway, 22nd Floor
New York, N.Y. 10006
(800) 348-3426 ~ (212) 344-2500  

Our New York City office provides a base for all of the firm’s departments and has been our primary business location since we were founded in 1946.



  • Timothy B. Meagher, Senior Vice President
  • William H. Pryor, Vice President
  • Brendan M. Collins, Assistant Vice President
  • James G. Donohue, Assistant Vice President

Public Finance

  • Elaine M. Brennan, Executive Vice President
  • Scott T. Monahan, Executive Vice President
  • Charles C. Stavitski, Esq., Executive Vice President

Project Finance

  • Paul T. Lamas, Executive Vice President
  • David W. Barr, Senior Vice President
  • Gregory M. LiCalzi, Jr., Senior Vice President


  • Susannah L. Page, Senior Vice President


  • David W. Moore, Chief Operating Officer
  • Matthew Campolettano, Chief Compliance Officer
  • David A. Gilman, Chief Financial Officer
  • Henry Li, Vice President