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Our underwriting team is responsible for pricing all negotiated and competitive issues. It formulates pricing for new issues, establishes our participation in primary market underwritings, and manages our syndicate relationships.

New York, New York (212) 344-2500
  • Gregory Finn, Chairman of the Board
  • Stephen R. Taliercio, Senior Vice President
  • Joseph W. Daly, Vice President
  • Nicauris Castillo, Vice President
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Our trading department makes secondary markets in outstanding issues, takes down municipal securities from primary market underwritings, and maintains a substantial inventory of bonds and notes.

New York, New York (212) 344-2500
  • John M. Farawell, Executive Vice President
  • Stephen M. Guarente, Senior Vice President
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Our registered sales representatives cover several thousand active retail accounts, as well as bank portfolios, trust departments, mutual funds, closed-end investment trusts, insurance companies, and non-financial corporations. We have a well-earned reputation as an effective force in the distribution of municipal securities to investors.

New York, New York (212) 344-2500
  • William W. Welsh, Executive Vice President
  • Timothy B. Meagher, Senior Vice President
  • William H. Pryor, Vice President
  • Brendan M. Collins, Vice President
  • James G. Donohue, Vice President
Buffalo, New York (716) 856-6950
  • David C. Wagner, Executive Vice President
  • Joseph C. Haller, Executive Vice President
West Hartford, Connecticut (860) 244-3000
  • Elaine C. Keeney, Vice President
East Greenwich, Rhode Island (401) 884-6389
  • Wesley S. Armstrong, Senior Vice President
  • Lorene Faria, Vice President
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Public and Project Finance

Our public and project finance departments are integral parts of the firm’s overall commitment to servicing the municipal market and sourcing new securities issues. These new issues include general obligation and revenue-backed securities for infrastructure, education, human services, healthcare, housing, resource recovery, utilities, transportation, economic development, and various other purposes.

The public and project finance departments are comprised of banking professionals with extensive experience in sourcing, structuring, evaluating, and executing a wide range of negotiated bond and note issues for governmental entities. We have provided all of our clients with a level of service that has earned their respect and loyalty.

Public And Project Finance Representatives

New York, New York (212) 344-2500
  • Elaine M. Brennan, Executive Vice President
  • Scott T. Monahan, Executive Vice President
  • Charles C. Stavitski, Esq., Executive Vice President
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Our research department is a key component of our approach to the municipal market. The research department reviews all competitively sold issues and determines their suitability for bidding. They also work with the public finance department on due diligence for negotiated issues. Our research is used internally by our sales team in preparation for their marketing efforts. They assist in consultations with investors as needed. The research department also supports the trading and underwriting efforts and answers credit questions regarding primary and secondary offerings.

New York, New York (212) 344-2500
  • Susannah L. Page, Senior Vice President