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Vivien Lou Chen | Jan 6, 2023

Treasury yields plummet after signs of broadening weakness in economy

Friday’s raft of U.S. economic data produced a cascading drop in rates across the Treasury market, pushing the policy-sensitive 2-year...Read More

Vivien Lou Chen | Dec 19, 2022

Asia weighs on Treasury market as traders assess possible BOJ shift, China reopening

In one of 2022’s more unusual U.S. bond-trading sessions, it wasn’t only the Federal Reserve or European Central Bank weighing...Read More

Vivien Lou Chen | Dec 13, 2022

Why November’s CPI data are seen as a ‘game-changer’ for financial markets

November’s softer-than-expected consumer-price index is being described by traders and financial-market analysts as a “game-changer” that demonstrates inflation is swiftly...Read More

Michelle Kaske | September 20, 2022

Daily Brief: Muni

Diary Prepa Inches Toward Litigation    By Michelle Kaske Puerto Rico’s bankrupt power utility and bondholders may face off in court...Read More

Vivien Lou Chen | Sep 15, 2022

A punishing selloff in short-term debt is pushing one rate near the ‘magic’ level that ‘frightens’ markets

The yield on the 1-year Treasury note is testing 4%, a level that traders say could spill over into other...Read More

Admin | September 2, 2022

A 4% fed funds rate is on traders’ radar for 2022. But it could take up to two years for hikes to make a big inflation impact.

Financial markets in the U.S. remain hyper-focused on the prospect of a continued climb in interest rates, with traders putting...Read More